Who Are We?

and PROVIDES BACKUP For Any Type of Coiling Rolling Doors
and Window Gates NYC.

About Gator Gates

Gator Gates. Excellence in Protection Since 2006

Gator Gates is a limited liability company founded in 2006, in Brooklyn. The company's founder first figured out the potential of coiling gates whilst spending time, as a child, around his grandparents' storage facility in Tampa, Florida. Playing around hundreds of storage facilities, he became fascinated with their design and their content, including the specific coiling brooklyn metal gates. Many years later, he would decide to open Gator Gates, one of the country's prime coiling doors companies.

Gator Gates is a service and product provider. We DESIGN, MANUFACTURE, INSTALL and PROVIDE BACKUP for brooklyn rolling doors and grilles and Window Bar.

Our coiling doors and grilles are manufactured at our plant in Brooklyn, New York. Gator Gates is in charge throughout the whole lifespan of the product, from design, to manufacturing, to installation, finishing with post-sale services and maintenance. We choose our suppliers carefully, looking for sustainable and local companies firstly. Moreover, we have a top-notch team of engineers and designers who are continuously working on improving the products and creating newer models.

What are the practical uses of Gator Gates coiling doors? They are used in order to secure closed spaces and rooms, offering the highest degree of protection to these spaces and the objects contained therein. Some examples of places protected by Gator Gates coiling doors: small businesses, storage facilities, indoor leisure areas etc.

A few years ago, Gator Gates decided to enter the window bar market. As opposed to coiling doors, window bars are designed mostly for household use. Of course, they can be fitted to any structure. Window bars prevent people from entering through the windows, securing the objects and people contained in the protected space.

Our Mission

Safety and Resilience for Your House and Business

Ever since its founding, Gator Gates has taken upon itself the mission to protect and preserve.

We strive to create the best products, by combining high-level engineering with real life experience. No where in the Brooklyn, NYC, will you find coiling doors and window bars as carefully designed, built and installed as those sold by Gator Gates.

We see our products as a way to make sure your house, your shop or your restaurant stay safe and secure, providing shelter and good business to you, your family and your community.

We invite you to join us on our quest for better products and services by placing your trust in Gator Gates coiling rolling doors and window bars.

Your house and business are as important as our own!

24/7 Backup Team at Your Disposal. 30-Minute Response Time