Our Products and Services

Rolling Solid Doors

Protection and Resilience of The Highest Quality

The Rolling Solid Doors are Gator Gates' most popular product. These reliable and strong obstacles protect thousands of closed spaces and make plenty of customers happy all over the United States.

The Rolling Solid Doors are made out of strengthened STEEL and protect the closed space from unwanted entry, damage, weather or any other threat you might think of.

Our customers have chosen to use these doors either to protect their businesses, homes, or private storage facilities. We can fit the Rolling Solid Doors both outside and inside buildings. These doors can be opened or closed either manually or using an electrical engine with remote control.

Commercial Coiling Grills

Security. Visibility. Resilience.

Commercial Coiling Grills are another Premium product offered by Gator Gates. Our customers choose this type of product because it allows them to visually observe the interior of closed spaces or let a flow of fresh air circulate inside, whilst providing the same security as a classical rolling door.

The grills are manufactured from ALUMINUM, in order to make them lighter and easier to handle. They are perfect for spaces such as shops, restaurants, cafes, and salons, located in compounds or larger buildings (such as shopping malls, for example).

The grills can be operated manually or with a remotely controlled engine.

Spare Parts

At Your Side. For Good And For Worse

Gator Gates is an established business and will be at your side during the good, but also during bad times. That's why we take pride in our spare parts and backup service and we strive everyday to make it better.

While our products are designed to be extremely resilient and are manufactured to last a long time, in exceptional circumstances (such as, for example, someone trying to break in to your secure space), the doors and grilles might require intervention and spare parts.

With the aim of not letting you down when times are tough, Gator Gates provides spare parts for all its products and their components, including the door, engine and locking device. The spare parts are identical and of similar quality as those mounted on the initial product. Using and with the assistance of our customer service, you can choose for yourself the parts that you need in order to keep your space secure from any dangers.

Doors for Special Applications

The Best Solutions For Unusual Situations

It happens sometimes that our classical products don't fit with your needs. No problem! That's why special applications' doors exist. Gator Gates manufactures these products having in mind your very own needs: whether it is the location of the space, the conditions in which the door will have to hold, the shape of the building or any other element.

Doors for Special Applications are as resistant and well designed as other Gator Gates products, but they are adapted to the special circumstances you require.

Among our specially designed doors, you can find: side-folding grilles, folding gates, European shutters, high-stress grills, and special coiling doors.

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